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Map showing currently proposed Green Spaces. 

NDP Green Spaces Oct_31_2021.jpg

1. Water course around footpath, south to Mill Lane Meadows

2. Church Lane Pond (Sandy Close Farm)

3. Graemar Lane Pond (north of Marlstone)

4. The Sport and Recreation Field

5. The open field and marsh area, Mill Lane Meadows, that has been designated as a

Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

6. The churchyard around St Leonards Church

7. The Old Church Graveyard on Church Lane

8. The meadow and woodland east of Newtown Road from Doctor’s Hill to the A27

9. The open fields east of Newtown Road that are adjacent to Dunwood ancient


10. Old Toll Road through Dunwood Hill to Old Salisbury Lane (Public Right of Way)

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