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March 2023


Several people have commented to us that a celebration of the upcoming

coronation of King Charles would be a fitting way to mark this historic

event, and we are inclined to agree.

Following the success of Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee event last summer we

are working with the Parish Council to create an event along similar lines. It has been suggested that we host an afternoon tea on the Sunday 7th May

at the playing field. We welcome all offers of help in organising it and on

the day so please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will post updates on the

Sherfield English Residents Facebook group as and when we have more

information and in April’s SEDCA newsletter when we will have the full programme.

Other news from The Pavilion

Progress is being made on the replacement playground equipment. Discussions with manufacturers to find the best options with hopefully a final decision soon. Watch this space!


SERP2000 is funded and run by the village charity SERP 2000.

Volunteers and new committee members always welcome.

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