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Amenities and Local Businesses

The Hatchet Inn

Glebe Garage

On the main A27 through the village and supplies fuel, is an MOT centre and does servicing and repairs to vehicles. 01794 322358


Gilberts Nursery & Tea Rooms


Hill Farm Park Shop & Post Office

Located in Hill Farm Caravan Park in Branches Lane and stocks a wide range of everyday essentials.  Daily newspapers are available and may be reserved but not delivered.



Keeping Warm! 

Please contact the co-ordinator for each of the village group buying schemes.

Gas:  Eric Hounslow - Tel: 340 879

Oil:    Richard Smith - Tel 340 938 (before 8pm please)  or email:

Berry - Sand & Ballast
Greenvale Farm B&B


South Coast Caravans

Woodlands B&B



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