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November 2019 - End of Season Report

…so you can have parties in polytunnels as well as grow things! Tomato and pepper plants removed, cardboard on the floor and it was time to make some pumpkin lanterns for Halloween!

Memories from this year – amazing number of tomato varieties, butterfly count, garden crafts, eating your own fruit and veg (of course!). Pond dipping, ‘Waitrose’ peppers, Village Garden show trophy and certificates, and just time outside with village friends.

A bit of tidying up around the garden to be done and hoping to get some manure to put a cosy cover on the veg beds for the winter. We will try and tackle these when it stops raining one Saturday – at least the pond is now full again!

Community garden regular Saturday gardening will start up again about March time and all are invited to join us. Additional volunteers and children always welcome even if you can’t commit to regular slots and if you fancy a bit of winter garden maintenance then do get in touch.

Thank you to Gilberts Nursery for their support throughout the year.

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