Broadband Update - May 2020

OpenReach Community Fibre Partnership agreements to install ‘Fibre-to-the-Property’ (FTTP) will give residents and businesses the ability to choose a FTTP provider and level of service from 30Mbps to 300Mbps The contract cost is fully covered by the Government’s ‘Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme’, and the service will start sometime in the next 12 months. If you are part of the schemes below you will already have been contacted by your local broadband co-ordinators. Elsewhere in the village, if you currently get less than 30Mbps you are encouraged to seek a similar scheme.

Upper Doctor’s Hill - FTTP Community Fibre Partnership scheme with Openreach – Fibre hanging off nearby poles and road closures ongoing so….hopefully completion imminent!

Lower Doctor’s Hill & nearby Newtown Road residents - FTTP Community Fibre Partnership scheme with Openreach signed and cost fully covered by rural gigabit Vouchers. Installation perhaps by end of 2020.

Gambledown - FTTP Community Fibre Partnership scheme with Openreach signed

West Wellow 3 Branches Lane/Pound Lane OR Newtown Road/A27 area – I have had some interest in putting together a scheme for these 2 areas – if you are happy for me to pass on your details to a possible scheme co-ordinator then do contact me again now!

The latest scheme costings were a third of the initial Openreach estimate and the lowest price per property seen locally, at £670 per property. Rural gigabit vouchers are now worth £1,500, residential and £3,500 per business (small sole traders count) and therefore will now easily cover scheme costs.

Check your cabinet connection and available options using

Register your interest in a community fibre partnership on Openreach website

Do email if you have any questions about setting up a local scheme. We now have community models that work.