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WW5 FTTP Update from David

Unfortunately progress is very slow. Openreach sent details of 130 properties

served by Wellow 5. However, further analysis showed that 33 of those addresses contributing to the minimum of 80 required to raise the £230,000

were actually empty. These were lock-ups, storage units, an automated

chicken farm, sewage works at Eastwood(!) etc. in Wellow, Shorts Farm, Plaitford and Sherfield English and also included St. Leonard’s Church!!

Openreach have just advised that they are willing to look again at the properties, but have now changed their policy to bidding for FTTP for whole cabinets only and smaller group bids (as were successful in Newtown) are a

thing of the past. Also, if 80 addresses agree to sign up for the voucher scheme, they must sign up for a minimum 12 month contract to a

broadband supplier of their choice. Will everyone wish to do that? Update next month if Openreach reply to my email by then!!

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