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October 2017 - Sheds and Scarecrows!

A window of warm and dry weather at the beginning of October has allowed

us to re-paint our tool shed. Environment-friendly shed treatment was

distributed in pots to all and coveralls were provided to minimise spread of

paint. Many hands certainly made light work and after two sessions the

shed looks almost like new with two thick coats applied. All being well the

shed, which is a vital hub for our garden activities, will now live on for

several more years without requiring too much additional maintenance.

Another key development has been the decommissioning of our old

scarecrow and its replacement with a resplendent new model, complete

with decorative shirt and smart red (wedding) hat! Let’s hope he takes his

duties seriously and guards those vegetable patches from unwanted avian

guests (and ideally moles too!).

The last of the vegetables are now being gathered as we head towards the

seasonal end of activities and the traditional autumn party. As yet we’ve

avoided a frost and so the raspberries, beans and tomatoes are still being

harvested. At the edge of the garden the sunflowers continue to give

structural interest and beyond the Gilberts Nursery dahlia field remains in

full bloom and provides a wonderfully colourful backdrop.

Thanks, as always, to Gilbert’s Nursery and Tearooms for their continued

support and supplying us with drinks and cake to keep us going.

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