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Financial and Statutory Information

Parish Councils are required to follow statutory rules covering everything they do, how they spend money and how people become Parish Councillors.


The following documents lay out those rules, and report on recent expenditures. 

Sherfield English Parish Council
Data Protection Policy - March 2018
Sherfield English Parish Council
Summary of Receipts & Payments to 31.3.20
Sherfield English Parish Council
Scheme of Delegation Policy
Sherfield English Parish Council
Notice of Completion of Audit to 31.3.2022
Sherfield English Web Site
Accessibility Statement
Sherfield English Web Site
Accessibility Report
Sherfield English Parish Council
Notice of Public Rights - 2022/23
Sherfield English Parish Council
Annual Governance & Accountability Return
NDP Steering Group
Terms of Reference
NDP Steering Group
Sherfield English Parish Council
Completion of 2020/21Audit
Sherfield English Parish Council
Standing Orders

To learn about specific aspects of the Parish Council's work use the menu above.  These include the Parish Plan, published in December 2008, and the Village Design Statement, which was published for review and consultation in 2013 and was formally adopted by TVBC in 2016.

Work is currently underway to develop a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Village Design Statement


The Sherfield English VDS has now been endorsed by the Parish Council and formally adopted by TVBC as a Supplementary Planning Document. It now has statutory authority, and must be taken into account in any planning application for a new build or extension. The full VDS is available here for download (1.2Mb).


This brings to conclusion 2 years of research and consultation within the village. The final document contains a lot more background information and detailed explanation, but remains essentially the same as the first draft circulated in the village newsletter in 2012.

The objective of the VDS is to allow reasonable development to proceed without harming the rural character of the village, and without diminishing the visual amenity of the open spaces and woodland views. 


The village's character is defined as being essentially that of dispersed small groups of dwellings, with no large concentrations, and no closely parallel or tightly folding street patterns. Or put another way, the plots of all dwellings should have direct contact with either fields or woodland. This specfically rules out 'backland' or 'tandem' developments.

The Parish Plan

This was published in December 2008 after extensive consultation across the village, including a questionnaire delivered to all households. It provides policy statements and Action Plans for such issues as business and housing development, leisure facilities, conservation, etc., and also covers noise, traffic and other concerns. 


The Sherfield English Parish Plan has been approved by the local Borough, TVBC, and endorsed by the 'Local Strategic Partnership'. Information about this latter initiative is available from their web site: 


The Parish Plan includes an index of local businesses, a reference page for local groups and clubs and a map of all 'Sites of Interest for Nature Conservation' in the parish.


Click on the 'Parish Plan'  button to download a PDF copy of the Plan, or ask a Parish Councillor for a printed copy. 

Neighbourhood Development Plan


The Parish Council is developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Sherfield English. This goes much further than the VDS, with the objective of correcting the imbalance of housing sizes in the village, while preserving the green spaces and amenities which we value so much. It will also strengthen much of the VDS. For further details click on the NDP button, or the menu tab above.

TVBC Notices - PSPOs July 2023

Responsibility for dogs in public places
Drinking in public places 
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