December 2021

The Christmas season at St Leonard’s – we hold our Carol Service at 6pm on 12th December when the church will be decked out in the colours of Christmas. We are delighted that we have been invited to sing carols outside The Hatchet on Monday 13th December at 7.30pm, so do come and join us, why not book a table for some food to add to the fun, and enjoy the chance to sing. We pray for fine, and crisp and even weather – but not too crisp maybe! On Christmas Eve we hold our Midnight Communion at 8pm, so much more sensible to be at that time we say, and James will be leading this special service as we think about what a year we have all had, and celebrate over this Christmas season by being kind to those around us.

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We are firmly in Lent, so we look at a flowerless altar, the only colour is on the altar frontal, which for Lent is purple, and ours resembles a 70’s duvet, did we have duvets back then? The simplenes

At St Leonard’s we had a very enjoyable and well attended Christmas season. The church was festooned in the colours of Christmas but now it is all packed carefully away. The decorations never seem to