Broadband Update - November 2017 – Still Waiting!

I have been nagging BTCommunity(OpenReach) Broadband further to the

meeting last June and their promise of new plans for a better community

wide solution by mid-September. I eventually got a response saying that plans are progressing and they will get back to me as soon as possible….

There is good news around in that more money has been promised toensure everyone gets access to faster broadband although the words fast don’t apply to many of us, just a little more reliable and better than super slow would be an improvement! We are pressing for an open to all network providers FTTP (fibre to the property) solution as this would be best, long term, and provide superfast speeds to all those who decide to opt in. I have given BTCommunity(OpenReach) and Hampshire Broadband a digitally annotated map of our area but it seems hard for them to locate all local properties, partly because we are spread across so many telephone exchanges and odd historical routings. I am told that a FTTP solution would not need to follow existing exchange or telephone line routings which would make much more sense for many properties. In the meantime if you do not receive email updates directly from me but may be interested in better broadband for your property then do email me, address below, with your name, address and landline details please. It may be important to opt in now to ensure you don’t miss out later on. Registering an interest does not commit you to taking up a FTTP broadband service but may give you/the next property owner the opportunity to do so in the future. AND If you have a very bad broadband day do drop me an email as I think it might be interesting to compile and send an anonymised monthly/weekly listing to the relevant parties.

Best wishes, Ursula

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