February 2021 Broadband Update

Further to completion of the Upper Doctor’s Hill Scheme, Lower Doctor’s Hill and adjacent Newtown Road properties are now FTTP enabled. Property owners need to request an FTTP service to get connected. Connection is free and price plans have reduced considerably in past 12 months and may actually be cheaper that you currently pay. Speeds from 30Mbps download and 10Mbps upload to …as fast as you like!

Kevin is leading a CFP for Newtown Square area and is just waiting for enough householders to sign up for the Rural gigabit vouchers scheme to cover the cost and get the scheme underway. Openreach have changed their model and no longer require schemes, which are completely covered by customer vouchers, to create a company to sing the CFP contract, so once less hoop to jump J.

No progress with the WW5, Mill lane project or WW3 schemes to report.Lots of emails to Openreach, but as usual replies are slow to return…

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