April 2021 Broadband Update

I have the email for the CEO’s office at Openreach and that seems to have made the difference – we now have fibre to our property rather than just passing by! The household is delighted and even the ancient computer seems to have a new lease of life now that updates, file downloads etc complete in a ‘blink of the eye’…

I smiled when the project leader at Newtown Square sent me his latest update “Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow!”. After waiting months for Openreach to set up a web portal for their agreed scheme Kevin received an email giving him less than 4 weeks to ask everyone to pledge and then complete voucher claims …so here’s hoping that enough property owners correctly jump through the hoops in time to secure the funding to cover the cost of this 4th scheme.

The current Rural Gigabit voucher scheme has ended and the Mill Lane project is waiting for information on how a new voucher scheme will operate.

West Wellow 3 (WW3) properties remain in limbo, as quotes so far have been just too expensive and cumbersome to be successful as community schemes. Many are using 4G hubs to get a reasonable internet speed, although this is highly dependent on your location and available signal strength. The geographic dispersion of WW3 properties right across the parish and the significant distance from their ‘home’ (Wellow) exchange means installation costs from Openreach are high. Despite fibre being present in the village, sometimes to direct neighbours, and many discussions we have made little headway. WW3 there is hope, but you need an energetic & enthusiastic project leader to lead you through and I am happy to provide support.

With 5 exchanges in the parish, 3 completed projects and another in progress Sherfield English has gained fame as a leader in Community Fibre Partnership projects and we are now supporting other communities in Hampshire and beyond!

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