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February 2022 Update

Following the AGM on the 15th November 2021 the Chair (Stephen Dovey) and Secretary (Barbara Griffiths) did indeed both step down after many years of dedicated service. The committee, and I’m sure many of us in Sherfield English, would like to extend our very warmest thanks to them for all their hard work.

A new Chair (Jerome Hoffman) and Secretary (Julianna Bellamy) were appointed and we look forward to trying to do as good a job as Stephen and Barbara - big shoes to fill for sure!

We’re still very keen to hear from anyone with any suggestions about how we can make further progress on addressing the weeds around the edge of the field and also generally maintaining the football pitches.

In addition we now have two vacancies on the committee for SERP so please let us know if you think that you can help – no deep experience required just a desire to help support the maintenance and development of one of our local facilities that adds so much to village life.

To find out more about SERP, if you have any suggestions or if you’re interested in joining the committee then please drop us an email at

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